Why Speedy Video

Why Speedy Video
Why Speedy Video

Speedy Video works by taking your written text and by using a selection of computer generated voices and images, turns it into a video that can be posted to your website or YouTube.

Most people don't think of YouTube as a search engine, but the fact remains that YouTube is the second most popular search engine right behind Google. If you are not creating videos for your YouTube Channel, then you are ignoring an important mechanism to increase your SEO rankings and get more sales or leads.

Modern Search Engine Optimization relies more heavily on:

  • Social Media: Google has been heavily weighting its ranking on Social Media for a while now.
  • Fresh Website Content: Blog posts or articles on a regular basis.
  • YouTube Videos: YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet. It's important to have an active presence on YouTube.
  • Back Links: As always, one way relavent, high quality back links to your website are super important.

Please give Speedy Video a try. SignUp is easy and you do NOT have to put in any form of payment to create an account.

All new users will receive a one time 50 credit sign up bonus.

Here are some popular uses for Speedy Video:

  • Make a video for each website testimonial that you have and post to YouTube.
  • Make a video for each blog post or article that you have and post to YouTube.
  • Make a video for each product or service that you have and post to YouTube.
  • To help with a websites SEO rankings.
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